Get Started
  • Becoming a SYNNEX reseller partner is your first step to success!

  • The process is simple, but thorough. You may contact one of our New Customer Recruiters for assistance, or you may follow the instructions below to complete the online application form.
  • Complete the online application making sure to fill in the required (RED) fields.
  • Click “Submit & Print” to verify all information and approve the account for set-up; you will see your new account number and the completed application will print out.
  • Once submitted, an email is sent to the SYNNEX account group, and the Multi-Jurisdiction Resale Certificate is displayed in a new window; if credit terms were requested, you will also see a Credit Card Authorization form.
  • The signed Application, Multi-Jurisdiction Form, and any other printed forms should be completed and faxed to (510) 668-3144.
  • SYNNEX will set up your account and payment/credit terms, assign a sales representative, and, if needed, request any additional information.
  • Finally, your sales rep will contact you to issue login information to give you access to our online resources and begin the purchasing process
  • Have questions about credit and account set up? Contact our Credit professionals to assist you at 864-349-4991 or email us at