SYNNEX Financial Solutions

Sometimes the biggest challenge to remaining competitive and profitable is investment capital. At SYNNEX, we believe in providing our business partners with financial tools and support that will enable your business to grow. Our complete lines of financial solutions are aimed at helping you take advantage of new business opportunities when they arise.





Take advantage of the most exciting A/R management service in the channel today:

  • Tap into unlimited credit and powerful financial and procurement tools through SYNNEX® RISE
  • Add new capabilities: SYNNEX® RISE gives you the financial and procurement resources to confidently bid on and win bigger deals, and to provide small- and medium-size customers with access to complete, enterprise-level financial resources.



  • Virtually unlimited credit capacity
  • The ability to break through growth barriers
  • Full visibility to the status of customers’ accounts receivable
  • Customized collateral with only your name and branding
  • Expert credit and financial analysis of your customer base and new accounts
  • Expertise in a wide range of markets
    • SLED
    • SMB
    • Health care
    • Fortune 500
    • Federal government
  • One source for the best products and pricing
  • Credit investigations and approvals
  • Dispute resolution
  • Industry-leading credit and collections


  • Access new opportunities
    • Burst through growth barriers
    • Improve your working capital
    • Capture larger accounts
  • Simplify procurement and logistics
    • One source for the best prices on the products your customers want
    • No credit constraints for your qualified customers on goods purchased through SYNNEX
    • Take advantage of bundled SKUs or create unique bundles
  • Take control of accounts
    • Full visibility to the status of your customers’ accounts receivable
    • All functions display your business name and branding
    • You define each customer’s experience, standard policy, and any exceptions
    Don’t just grow – grow exponentially with SYNNEX® RISE!

Reseller's Cash Conversion Cycle






Features and Benefits

  • Underwriting approval based on financial strength Of reseller and end user
  • Deal-specific -- all other SYNNEX Financial Solutions are still available to support other opportunities
  • Increases buying power
  • Able to support larger deals and contracts
  • Reseller realizes top-line revenue
  • SYNNEX remains invisible to end user
  • Available for federal government deals
  • Blanket agreements available
  • PO, payment, and U.S. bank account all remain in the name of the reseller






Joint Purchase Orders

  • Purchase order is issued jointly to SYNNEX and reseller
  • Payment is made from end user to SYNNEX in name of SYNNEX and reseller; profits disbursed per agreement

Purchase Order Assignments

  • Payment made from end user to SYNNEX in name of reseller; profit disbursed from SYNNEX to reseller


  • We offer a variety of leasing products and services to meet any end-user need.

Third-Party Accounts Receivable Financing

  • SYNNEX has a third-party financing program through Global Technology Finance and Action Capitol. Please contact an alternative financing representative for additional information

SLED Advantage Plus (blind lockbox)

  • SYNNEX and reseller have back-end (invisible to end user) agreement stating reseller will invoice the end user with remittance information for a lockbox that is controlled by SYNNEX



SYNNEX Credit Solutions



Payment options


Wire Transfer/Credit Card

  • MasterCard, Visa, American Express, & Discover

Online Payment Option

  • Make one-time payment online through SYNNEX EC Express; payments post overnight


  • Please contact your collections representative for our ACH information or you nearest payment location.

Traditional SYNNEX Credit Solutions


Wire Transfer/Credit Card

  • MasterCard, Visa, American Express, & Discover

BSCC Program

  • Terms are Net 30; the line is secured with a credit card
  • Establish net terms pay history for companies with little credit experience

EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer)

  • Payments automatically drafted from bank account on day five or day 30, depending on program

EZ Credit Program (five steps)

  • This program is tailored for SMB resellers and allows those partners to transition from using a credit card to building a SYNNEX net-terms credit line instead.

Net Terms (30 Days)

  • Line requests greater than $25,000 require financial statements for review
  • Possible additional security requirements
  • Personal guarantee with accompanying personal financial statements
  • UCC filing or PMSI filing (purchase money security instrument)
  • Offer Net 45 terms seasonally for government or education orders

Online Payment Option

  • Make one-time payment online through SYNNEX ECExpress; payments post overnight

Letter of Credit

  • Letter of credit from financial institution specifically designated to secure SYNNEX terms line


  • IBM, GE, Wells Fargo Capital Finance, DLL






      Please contact the SYNNEX Credit Representatives for more information on our exciting and innovative financial offerings:
      For account inquires:

    For general inquires:
    Phone: 864-349-4991