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SNX SKU Description Manufacturer PartNo Availability
Computer Accessories   >>   Computer Accessories
3097160 Toshiba Tablet Pen Tether PA1438U-1ETC Discontinued
Computer Accessories   >>   PC Carrying Cases
2746159 12.1NEOPRENE CASE/BLACK PA1454U-1SN2 In Stock
2862445 PA1502U-1SN3 neoprene cases PA1502U-1SN3 Discontinued
Computer Accessories   >>   Port Replicators / Docks
3732656 Toshiba Hi-Speed Port Replicator 120W PA5116U-1PRP Discontinued
3733276 universal USB 3.0 docking station PA3927U-1PRP Discontinued
Computers and Portables   >>   Desktops
3135273 TOSHIBA DX735-D3360 WINDOWS7 1TB PQQ10U-01G00N Discontinued
3570342 TOSHIBA PX35T-A2210 23.0IN PQQ30U-00Y00E Discontinued
3854294 PX35T-A2300/23IN PQQ30U-00W00R Discontinued
Computers and Portables   >>   Notebooks
3036213 Satellite Celeron 925/4GB/320GB/15.6in PSC08U-06E038 Discontinued
3036219 Satellite Core i3-2310M/4GB/640GB/15.6in PSK1WU-05F004 Discontinued
3036222 Satellite Core i5-2410M/4GB/640GB/13.3in PSK08U-02D00G Discontinued
3036225 Satellite Core i5-2410M/6GB/750GB/15.6in PSAY3U-04T01F Discontinued
3054341 Qosmio Core i5-2430M/6GB/750GB/15.6in PQF75U-03E01S Discontinued
3054344 Qosmio Core i5-2430M/6GB/640GB/17.3in PSBY5U-02101P Discontinued
3054347 Satellite Pentium B800/3GB/320GB/15.6in PSC2EU-01K00L Discontinued
3054362 Satellite Core i7-2670QM/6GB/750GB/15.6 PSAY1U-02E027 Discontinued
3054367 Satellite Core i5-2430M/6GB/750GB/17.3in PSBY3U-02S039 Discontinued
3055105 INTEL COREI7-2630QM/6G/750G/15.6IN PSAY1U-00F005 Discontinued
3055110 INTER PENTIUM/4G/500G/15.6IN PSK1WU-05E004 Discontinued
3124562 Satellite Core i3-2350M/4GB/640GB/17.3in PSK3SU-07W020 Discontinued
3125449 Satellite Celeron B815/3GB/320GB/15.6in PSC2EU-04R00L Discontinued
3125454 Portege Core i5-2450M/6GB/640GB/13.3in PT324U-03900R Discontinued
3126801 Satellite Core i3-2350M/4GB/640GB/14in PSK0YU-0CX044 Discontinued
3126815 Satellite Core i7-2670QM/6GB/750GB/17.3 PSBY3U-0KX039 Discontinued
3202344 Excite 10 Tablet/Tegra 3/32GB /10.1inch PDA08U-002001 Discontinued
3202346 Excite 10 Tablet/16G/1G/10.1in PDA08U-001001 Discontinued
3294150 QOSMIO CORE I7-3610QM/16GB/750GB/17.3IN PSPLXU-01L016 Discontinued
3377851 SATELLITE AMD A4-4300M/4G/500G/17.3IN PSCBGU-007003 Discontinued
3377854 SATELLITE CORE I5-3210M/6G/750G/15.6IN PSKFWU-001002 Discontinued
3379683 QOSMIO I7-3630QM/12G/1TB/17.3IN PSPLZU-001002 Discontinued
3379689 AIO CORE I7-3630QM/6G/1TB 23IN PQQ18U-00R009 Discontinued
3380639 SATELLITE A6-4455M6G/640G/15.6IN PSKGJU-006003 Discontinued
3383095 Satellite C875/16G/640G/17.3in PSCBAU-02Q004 Discontinued
3445908 CORE I3-3120M/6GB/640GB/17.3IN PSCBAU-00603F Discontinued
3445910 CORE I7-3630QM/8GB/1TB/17.3IN PSKFLU-00X005 Discontinued
3445917 CORE A8-4555M/8GB/1TB/15.6IN PSKGJU-00G003 Discontinued
3457334 Satellite C855/500G/15.6in PSCBLU-03D00P Discontinued
3567575 SATELLITE C55D-A5240NR 15.6IN PSCHWU-00H00G Discontinued
3567577 SATELLITE C75D-A7265NR 17.3IN PSCENU-00E00F Discontinued
3567585 SATELLITE S75-A7270 17.3IN PSKN2U-00900C Discontinued
3569612 SATELLITE C875-S7139 17.3IN PSCBAU-0EF004 Discontinued
3639320 SATELLITE C55D-A5346/15.6IN PSCFWU-01G005 Discontinued
3639321 SATELLITE C55T-A5350/15.6IN PSCF6U-04S00C Discontinued
3639324 SATELLITE S55-A5352/15.6IN PSKJSU-006001 Discontinued
3639329 SATELLITE S75D-A7346/17.3IN PSKNSU-00G002 Discontinued
3680634 Satellite C55-A5369/15.6IN PSCF6U-04U018 Discontinued
3729973 Satellite S55t-A5277/15.6IN PSKK6U-00L00C Discontinued
3731858 SATELLITE C55DT-A5148/15.6IN PSCFWU-02T005 Discontinued
3871534 Satellite C55D-B5242/15.6IN PSCN4U-00P002 Discontinued
3871535 Satellite C75D-B7230/17.3IN PSCLEU-004002 Discontinued
3873788 Satellite C55DT-B5245/15.6IN PSCN6U-008002 Discontinued
3884246 Satellite C55-B5291/15.6IN PSCLGU-00V00U Discontinued
3991698 Satellite C55-B5392/15.6IN PSCLUU-02G075 Discontinued
3991699 Satellite L55-B5394/15.6IN PSKT4U-07D0C1 Discontinued
4105045 Satellite C55T-B5140/15.6IN PSCMQU-01M04T Discontinued
4108386 Satellite Radius 11 L15W-B1120/11.6IN PSKVUU-00E00Y Discontinued
4191190 Satellite C55-B5240/15.6IN PSCMLU-08D0E9 Discontinued
4213417 Satellite C55D-B5203/15.6IN PSCN4U-02U01U Discontinued
4250682 Satellite Fusion 15 L55W-C5257/15.6IN PSLRAU-00M008 Discontinued
4273915 Satellite L55T-B5188/15.6IN PSKTLU-00F002 Discontinued
4299006 Satellite C75-B7180/17.3IN PSCL4U-03S06L Discontinued
4299018 Satellite L75-B7150/17.3IN PSKRLU-04G06F Discontinued
4299029 Satellite P55-B5162/15.6IN PSPNUU-03204Q Discontinued
4305511 Satellite L55T-B5271/15.6IN PSKT8U-018004 Discontinued
4343811 Satellite L55T-C5348BR/15.6IN PSKXGU-00C001 Discontinued
4385871 Satellite S55T-C5170-4K/15.6IN PSPUGU-00900G Discontinued
Computers and Portables   >>   Tablet PCs
3225848 EXCITE/7.7IN TABLET AT275-T16 PDA09U-002004 Discontinued
3445925 CORE I5-3337U/4GB/128GB/12.5IN PSUL1U-01H008 Discontinued
3570322 EXCITE PURE TABLET AT15-A16 10.1IN PDA0FU-00H008 Discontinued
3884006 Encore 2 WT8-B232,8IN PDW0AU-00201F Discontinued
Consumer Electronics   >>   CE Carrying Cases
3946160 ENCORE 2 8" SNAP CASE WITH COVER BLACK PA1556U-1BLK Discontinued
Consumer Electronics   >>   Camcorders
3036939 BAR STYLE FULL HD CAMCORDER PA3961U-1CAM Discontinued
Input Devices and Document Imaging   >>   Mice / Pointing Devices
4140605 Toshiba Wireless Optical Mouse W30 PA5155U-1ETB Discontinued
Memory   >>   Flash USB Drive & Cards
3335239 TOSHIBA 4GB CL-4 SDHC CARD SD-K04G2B8TRT Discontinued
3335240 TOSHIBA 8GB CL-4 SDHC CARD SD-K08G2B8TRT Discontinued
3946172 TOSHIBA USB3.0 FLASH DUO 8GB RED PA5182U-1M8R Discontinued
Power Devices   >>   Power Adapters
3732658 Toshiba 45W Global AC Adapter Black PA5044U-1ACA Discontinued
3946168 TABLET 10W USB AC ADAPTER (MICRO USB) PA3996U-2ACA Discontinued
4139874 TOSHIBA 65W AC ADAPTER(19V 3.42A L-TYPE) PA5178U-1ACA Discontinued
Storage Devices   >>   Hard Disk Drives
3087689 750GBCanvio3HDD(BLK)w/o back-upsoftware HDTB107XK3AA Discontinued
3087690 1TB Canvio3HDD(BLK) w/o back-up software HDTB110XK3BA Discontinued
3382762 500GB CANVIO SLIM EXT HDD BLACK HDTD105XK3D1 Discontinued
3382763 500GB CANVIO SLIM EXT HDD SILVER HDTD105XS3D1 Discontinued
3441775 2.0TBCanvio3.0 Portable HD in Black HDTB120XK3CA Discontinued
Storage Devices   >>   Storage Controllers
236467 Slim SBay HDD Adapter PA3090U-1ETC Discontinued
System Components   >>   System Cables
3945578 Toshiba USB Charging Cable PA3996U-1CAB Discontinued