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VISUALSolv ProAV has an experienced and seasoned team of industry-certified professionals focused on providing consultation, design, installation, maintenance, and repair technical services. We resolve technical service requests by providing quality solutions with the most cost-effective, agnostic approach to meet project or customer needs.  Learn more about how you can leverage our VISUALSolv ProAV technical team to reduce your need to work with multiple partners.

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Technical Consultation and Support

We provide various levels of technical support ranging from questions about a certain technologies to recommending the best solution for a specific application or environment. Our sales team and solutions architects are educated and industry-experienced to be your trusted advisor. Below are some examples of the types of technical consultation and support services we offer.

  • Recommend equipment or total product solutions for specific issues
  • Recommend options or features to add an improved functionality
  • Suggest alternative product options to reduce cost
  • Minimize potential design or installation issues
  • Recommend “fixes” or options to existing issues
  • Provide a peer review of your current systems design
  • Provide on-site system surveys

Technical Installation Services

SYNNEX maintains technical installation services partners all over the country. We work closely with our partners to ensure timely technical assistance for installations, warranty service and out-of-warranty service. We provide the following technical installation services.

  • Provide basic installations up to customized and/or sophisticated system integration
  • Provide expert programming of digital devices and custom remote control systems

Design Support

We understand that designing AV systems require a great deal of experience and expertise to ensure a complete and satisfactory product. Important factors such as the equipment, the facility, the space availability for the system, and overall installation factors need to be evaluated to create the best design plan. We work with you to meet your customer expectations on paper first to provide a successful AV system.

Our experienced and certified staff provides design document guidelines to help you with all the basic and in-depth criteria necessary to generate a proposal for your specific needs. Our guidelines combined with our design expertise provide solid system elements necessary to create design specifications. The following are some examples of the design support we offer to you.

  • SYNNEX AV Project Information Sheet used to aid in gathering

Maintenance and Repair Services

We provide maintenance and repair services for warranty and out-of-warranty product solutions. Our professional technicians are here to provide a variety of maintenance and repairs on an as-needed basis.

  • Offer services for regular maintenance service agreement
  • Present extended warranty service agreements
  • Provide onsite support